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Need extra space?

Don't want to move or extend but need extra space? Loft conversions are ideal to achieve that extra bedroom, play room or home office.

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Don't know were to start? Aspect can help you along the way with the Design, Planning and Building regulations.


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Frequently asked Questions

  • Can all lofts be converted? +

    No. It is not possible to convert all lofts. There is a minimum height requirement of 2.2 meters from the joist to the underside of the ridge beam. If you don’t have the height it is sometimes possible to lower the ceiling of the floor below but not always.
  • Will i require planning permission? +

    Not necessarily. If you are planning a loft conversion in a house you will have permitted development rights for a loft conversion up to a certain square meterage. We can advise at your consultation whether planning would be required and assist with the application if it is.
  • Can i live in my property during the works? +

    Yes. We aim to keep disruption to a minimum. We cover all carpets with carpet protector and clear the debris from site.
  • I live in a conservation area, can i have a loft conversion? +

    If you live in a conservation area, you may not get planning permission a large rear dormer, but there may be other options. Our architects are very experienced and are used to dealing with the various planning departments. They can advise and work with you to submit plans to the
  • How long will the work take? +

    This varies on the type and size of your conversion, however, on average they take about 8 weeks from start to finish.
  • Will i lose a room because of the loft conversion? +

    Not always, our preferred method of access is to build from an existing landing or other available space. Our designs will ensure we maximise on the available space considering your requirements.
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Building Regulations



The rules relating to the permitted development rights of extensions have recently been extended to May 2016, meaning certain domestic extensions can be constructed without the need for planning permission.

This is great news as it can speed up project programmes, allowing homeowners to extend and add additional space to existing properties, without the need for lengthy planning negotiations.








Need more Space?
Don't move, improve!


  • Increase the Value of Your Home
    By creating a habitable space the square footage of your home increases. With that view, in most cases the loft conversion pays for itself in terms of enhancing the value of your home. In fact, Housing Market Research in the past has shown that the house value can increase by up to a huge 20%.
  • Improve your views
    Most homeowners are so used to looking at other houses on their street, they’re amazed by the new views they have once their loft conversion is completed. Being higher up means that you can survey your area from a new perspective.
  • Increase daylight
    Velux windows and even dormers let in more light as they’re less likely to be blocked by houses, trees, and other obstacles that stop your other windows from letting in the maximum amount of sunshine. Your loft conversion windows will enjoy longer hours of daylight due to their height, positioning, and angles.
  • Create Revenue from Your Home
    For some though, making money when you sell your home isn't the main advantage. Whatever you decide to use the space for, it will improve your lifestyle. You can choose to use the room as a spare bedroom for visiting guests or as a separate bathroom. You may choose to make money by renting it, or another room, out to a lodger.
  • Avoid moving costs and upheaval
    The traditional way to increase your number of bedrooms is to move. One of the major benefits of a loft conversion is that you can stay in the same area, avoiding the need to modify your commute, find a new school, re-route all of your post, pay for a removals company, and generally go through the ordeal of moving home.
  • Eco Energy
    Lofts are energy efficient. Most attics are already insulated. In a cooler climate, heat will rise from the bottom of a house towards the top, providing free heating for a loft. Many loft owners don't need to use heating during the winter, as long as someone is living below them with heating available.


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